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The sun was off schedule, which was really stressing me out., the romantic comedy centers on four friends searching for love while also balancing ambitious careers."That felt closer to my personality." The pair's wedding guests witnessed performances by Jeffrey Lewis of the Craig Lewis Band and Shanice.Although they spoke about being happy in the union, the couple said that it may be some time before they began to bring children into their home.Now, the couple is ready to share with the world exactly how they were able to stay committed to such a difficult vow through their upcoming book, “The Wait.” “I had been in a couple of relationships and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t really working for me.’ I wanted to do something different and spiritually, it’s what I believe I always should’ve done. It was very different and it’s been amazing.”“We wanted the wedding to be right when the sun went down.It was supposed to go down at like six or seven o’clock that evening and it didn’t.Franklin told PEOPLE that the couple wants to "get to know each other as husband and wife," while Good explained why children wouldn't be an ideal addition to the family right now.

They become inspired by the website’s relationship advice column and plan to take on the 10th date approach, which is deemed the Holy Grail in terms of commitment.

Good told PEOPLE that God revealed her heart to her new husband.

"De Von makes me better, makes my life fuller, and completes my quality of life," Good told the publication. God revealed my heart to him like nobody else." Franklin, VP of Production at Columbia/Sony Pictures and Seventh-day Adventist minister, admitted that his new wife has changed his life.

"I've never had more peace, fun, and joy than I've had with her," Franklin told PEOPLE.

The couple reportedly wed in a Spanish-Bayou themed reception that the bride described as "very antique looking." The train of Good's white dress was dipped in purple, which she said reflected her personality. I wanted something that felt a tad bit rebellious and out of the ordinary," Good revealed to PEOPLE.

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"Love By the 10th Date" / Lifetime Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson and Kellee Stewart portray friends looking for love in the Lifetime Original Movie, "Love By the 10th Date," premiering January 28 at 8pm ET/PT.